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Test the Water Resistance of PASSUN Sunscreen: A Hands-on Experiment

Tonight, when we have some free time and an empty bottle of our daytime drink, we decided to have some fun at home and let our friends see the difference of PASSUN Reef Safe Sunscreen. Not only does it protect the sea, but it also provides great water resistance. We want to show our friends that PASSUN sunscreen is different from other brands and is perfect for any water activities under the sun. We will prove it to them that it is suitable for a comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water.

Step-by-Step Guide for Testing the Water Resistance of PASSUN Sunscreen (DIY Method)

  1. Prepare three empty bottles and fill them with water.
  2. Get three sunscreen samples, one of which is PASSUN, and the other two are other brands that claim to have good water resistance and a Reef-Safe sunscreen.
  3. Put each sunscreen into each bottle and label them to avoid confusion. You’ll see that the sunscreen is at the bottom of the bottle, but you won’t see a big difference yet.
  4. Shake each bottle vigorously for a few minutes to test the water resistance of each sunscreen.
  5. Compare the performance of each sunscreen and document the results.

The Result

We waited until the morning.

Observations: Our PASSUN sunscreen cream holds together as a solid block and may have some small bubbles, but it does not dissolve completely in water like other brands. It also does not cloud clear waters. Trust in the quality of our product with this easy home test. Note: This is not a official or scientific method, use discretion when making a decision.”

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